Jonathan Arledge

August 10, 1989

About Candidate

Skilled cook with 2+ years’ experience. Extensive knowledge of food industry and its relation to the day-to-day busy kitchen restaurant setting. Very good attention to detail, both in cooking and inventory management. Effective at communicating with other staff, manager, and chef during 60+ guest rush hour.


Bachelor of Culinary Arts 2019
North Carolina State University

Work & Experience

Sous chef

- Supervised the preparation of dishes. Often managed a kitchen staff of 9. - Provided customers with five-star meals from a constantly perfected menu. - Served under the most recognized burger chef in the city (per Raleigh Daily’s food column). Got frequent praise and commendation for my work from my superior. - Received nearly daily compliments from clients on recipes personally introduced to the restaurant menu. Restaurant star rating increased from 4.3 to 4.7.

Fast food cook

Prepared dishes in an utmost effective manner, according to both strict restaurant guidelines and customers’ dietary requests.