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Currently, Balkina serves the countries that are on the Adriatic coast. That includes Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania.
Balkina is completely free for Workers. Workers will be able to set up an account, create an online resume as well as search and apply for jobs completely free. For Businesses, it is also free to create an account and explore candidates. To post a job and invite candidates, however, we have paid plans that suits your needs.
All hiring and travel visa requirements will be set and negotiates between the worker and business. Besides solely connecting workers with businesses, Balkina does not involve itself with visa and travel related needs.
Currently, workers and businesses will agree about salary and payments. Balkina does not handle and involve itself in payroll relates matters.

Refund of purchase is made only for cancellations of subscriptions made within 30 days of purchase. To be eligible for a refund, the credits of your subscription should be unused. For cancellations with some used your credits, a difference  of the unused credits may be assessed as a refund, but not guaranteed.