Antonio & MariaJose

CV Chef and steward

About Candidate

Hello everyone, we are Antonio and MariaJose (husband and wife) and we live in Mexico. We seek to work exclusively together on a Charter or Private Ship. We have a strong personality in the workplace and a strong charisma that has always allowed us to make friends and good bonds with people.

I am a culinary expert with an experience of over 20 years in many types of cuisine and an expert in gourmet, molecular, European, Italian, and much more cuisine, as well as in the creation of menus and food costs. Our second passion, in addition to our work, is diving: I have personally performed more than 800 certified dives and frequently practiced free diving, in addition to having acquired several professional patents.

My wife is an expert in the catering field as a cook assistant, parlor, bartender, and hostess and is also a certified opera singer.

We have collected multiple work experiences around the world thanks to the many trips, so we offer total availability in moving, traveling, or moving in the short/long term.

We speak Italian and Spanish at the native language level and English medium level.