Matic Lorger


About Candidate


I am Matic Lorger and i come from Slovenia. In yachting i am new and i have no experience. I am looking for job opportunity in this business with my partner Nika Knez. I am also a qualified lifeguard and volunteer firefighter with a proven track record of saving lives
and managing emergencies in stressful situations.
Working at sea is currently my greatest passion, which I have experienced during seven summer
seasons as a skipper on sailing boats and catamarans in the Croatian Sea.

More information about me you find on my profile and I hope for a successful cooperation.


Bachelor of Nursing science 2021
Fakulteta za zdravstvene vede Celje

Registered and licensed graduated Nurse.

Work & Experience

Skipper for Sailboats and catamarans up to 24m June 2016 - It is my part-time job in summer season
Bizzone yachting.

Skipper on sailboats and catamarans up to 24m in the summer season (4–8 weeks) on charters up to 7 days, vessel management, coordination and organisation of the voyage in agreement with the guest, organising moorings, anchorages, booking and suggesting restaurants and sightseeing tours, purchasing and taking care of supplies according to the guest's preference list on board.

Lifeguard October 2016. - September 2021
Terme Olimia d.d.

performing first aid, CPR, helping with care for burns in the sauna, immobilization and organizing the transport of the injured or suddenly ill coordination and deployment of rescuers and orderlies in a shift (up to 20 people) communication and explanation of rules in English and Croatian to guests of the spa complex control and analysis of the water in the pools three times a day implementation of the Aufguss program in the sauna with dry air swirling

Nurse October 2021 - March 2023
General hospital Celje

first aid and emergency medical care, blood collection, wound dressings and tests, coordinating care with other specialists and coordinating work in shifts of up to 5 people, working in the intensive care unit and trauma ward, taking stock of medication supplies and administering intravenous and oral medications, providing detailed medical histories, haemodynamic monitoring and the use of defibrillators, carrying out physical examinations, assisting with body care and hygiene, eating, drinking and correct breathing counselling and educating patients and assessing their physical and emotional needs.

Volunteer Firefighter 2008 - Current.
VFBA Podčetrtek

Completion of the Officer I and Officer II courses, assisting and rescuing injured persons on interventions and fire truck driver, rescue with self-contained breathing apparatus on interventions (fires, traffic and natural disasters), constant readiness to be called out on interventions, and consistent attendance at drills and training lectures.